Introducing… Capable & Confident Bodies

A high touch 12 week group coaching program.

Designed to nourish your body with MORE of what it needs
so you can build muscle, lose fat & drop dress sizes

This is about having a healthier, more balanced relationship with food.

And saying goodbye to food guilt and unnecessary restrictions.

If you’ve ever…

Felt guilty for overeating “treat” type foods

Hidden yourself or food away to eat in secret

Felt restricted or starved on other diets and know it’s NOT for you

Wondered WHY what you’ve been doing hasn’t given you the results you want

Found yourself in the yo-yo dieting cycle (losing weight, gaining it back)

Felt stuck eating low calories (less than 2000 a day) and are scared to eat more

Then Capable & Confident Bodies could be for you…

And you’re wanting to…

Lose fat and look more toned & fit.

Have a healthy, more balanced relationship with food

Drop dress sizes with a sustainable weight loss approach

Build muscle, feel stronger & proud of what your body can do.

Increase your maintenance set point (improve your metabolism through reverse dieting)

Then keep reading…

Capable & Confident Bodies Group Coaching

What is it?

A 12 week, step by step group coaching program designed to help you build muscle and have a high functioning metabolism so that it becomes easy for you to lose body fat, tone up and fit your jeans forever.

The nutrition & training strategies you’ll follow will help you have a more relaxed & balanced relationship with food.

It will all go down in a private Facebook community. Where Megan will guide & support you alongside other women who also want the best for their body & health long term.

You’ll love it if you’re looking for structure & guidance, support, accountability & a sense of community.

Megan will answer any questions you have along the way in a group setting so that it benefits everyone in the community. If you’re wondering about something, chances are that one of the other ladies are too! :-)

Capable & Confident Bodies

12 week group program

What you get…

Nutrition Strategy for Your Goals

Step by step guidance taught in the group setting: you’ll develop a nutrition plan for YOUR body goals.

Megan will guide you through easy to use templates to help you work out your personal calories, macros, and follow an evolving strategy for a fat loss phase and/or reverse dieting phase.

(This alone will serve you for life. You’ll never need another plan again.)

Group Weight Training Program:

In gym or at home option.

This is delivered in an app with video exercise/technique demonstrations.
You’ll get to enter your selected weights, your reps & time your rest periods. Beat your own personal bests week to week
& know that you’re making progress.

Online community:

Private Facebook group with other like minded women doing the same thing as you.

Ask questions, share quick & easy food/meal ideas, update us with what you’re doing or potentially struggling with.

Megan & the other ladies will support you & keep you accountable.

Weekly Group Zoom Calls:

For a more “chatty” Q/A with encouragement to keep going.

Your attendance on these calls is not mandatory but you may find it beneficial if one of the ladies brings up something that you didn’t think about, yet is relevant and helpful for you!

Educational modules:

So that you learn about YOUR body and can keep going on your own once you graduate the program!

Client Experiences

This is possible for you too!

How is this different to other programs I see out there?

This is an immersive coaching experience to support you while you do the work it takes to get the body, mindset and health you want so you can maintain it forever.

It is most certainly NOT just a plan with recipes or a food guide & an exercise program. Which is why it is not priced as such.

Think of it as a mixed coaching/learning environment. You’re going to be kept accountable by your peers (who are doing what you’re doing) + have Megan as your coach.

Throughout the 12 weeks you’ll learn so much about your body & personal needs. You will be able to take everything you learn and apply it to your own body, goals & lifestyle.

It’s set up this way so you CAN DO what you haven’t done before (and even teach your family the health basics) for results that last long term.

Disclaimer: This is NOT for you if…

  • You’re not prepared to put in any effort or take action.

  • You want a meal plan or to be told exactly what to eat every meal of the day.

  • You are looking for a quick fix and expect to lose a lot of weight very quickly.

  • You are currently pregnant or have just had a baby & are looking for post-partum care.

  • You have medical conditions that need expert dietary care. (I’m not a Registered Dietitian)

This is probably for you if you want…

  • To fall in love with eating again, without the guilt if you eat something “bad”. This is about balance!

  • Learn how to add the most important nutrients into your diet to support your body and feel revitalised & healthy

  • Get stronger, build muscle and optimise your metabolism (via reverse diet strategies)

  • Lose cm’s from your waist and know exactly what to do to fit your jeans forever.

  • Learn how to put an effective weight lifting program together for yourself, so you can plan your own workouts in the future.


Group Coaching vs 1:1 Coaching

What’s the difference between this Group Coaching Program & 1:1 Coaching?

Good question!

1:1 coaching: Permanent Progress Project

Is a VIP service with a very high level of personalization, accountability & privacy.

Megan plans out your nutrition strategies & workouts specifically for you.

You work directly with Megan & have private calls with her every 2nd week (6 total over 12 weeks)

You check in every week and Megan reviews what you’ve been doing.

She’ll answer your questions privately and gives you personal feedback & encouragement to keep going.

The investment for 1:1 coaching is currently 450 NZD/month

Group coaching: Capable & Confident Bodies

Megan has developed a system where she can teach you how to plan out your own nutrition strategy to reach your goals.

Your level of support and accountability will be in the group environment

You still get to ask anything you want in the private Facebook group & in group calls and it WILL be answered by Megan.

The biggest difference is that she will NOT be personally checking your nutrition week to week, customizing your workouts specifically for you. If you want that level of service, then apply for 1:1 coaching instead :-)

The investment for CCB is 250 NZD/month

CCB Starts 5th July!

Megan is only accepting 10-20 ladies into this program to keep it an intimate & personal experience.

Once spots are gone, they’re gone!

More Happy Clients…

Ok, I Want To Join CCB!

Yay! So exciting for you!!

Click the application button below to apply and select your preferred payment option.

Megan will email you within 48hrs with the next steps to secure your spot!

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