Permanent Progress Project

Are you ready to burn body fat and build lean muscle while eating the foods you love?

Are you sick of feeling like you’ve fallen off track every time the weekend or a social occasion comes around?

Do you want to understand what works for your body and why?

Would you love a faster metabolism so you can eat anything you like without gaining weight?

And are you ready to put diet trends and quick fixes behind you for good?

If so, I hear you!

I spent most of my early 20’s on and off one diet or another…

At first I'd lose a bit of weight, but I could never keep it off and I’d end up heavier than before I'd started. It became an all too common pattern for me to start a new eating regime and then fall off track within a few days or weeks. Then I'd eat every delicious morsel I'd restricted and not be able to stop overeating for months afterwards!!

And that’s not mentioning the 5-7 days of cardio/group fitness classes I would take each week. That never seemed to make a huge difference to my body...

But once I discovered weight lifting and learned how to fuel my body properly, losing weight and building the toned body I wanted became simple and even enjoyable!

My energy increased, I felt stronger, healthier and ended up eating more food than I ever thought I could. I was able to overcome my binging tendencies because I could enjoy my favourite fun foods (pizza, chocolate, burgers and ice cream) as part of my everyday life.

It had me wondering why I’d spent so many years beating myself up and trying to cut out all the foods I loved! And ignited a fire within me to help other women break free from restrictive dieting patterns too.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve created your ultimate outcome.

  • Fitting back into your skinny clothes (even dropping dress sizes!)

  • Lost weight + cm’s from your body and know how to keep it off

  • Knowing exactly how to eat and exercise to get results

  • Feeling stronger and developing lean muscle in the right places

  • Never having to start over with your health + fitness journey again

  • Finally living a happy and healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for life

And achieving all of the above, without giving up your favourite foods!


Permanent Progress Project

Is the ultimate 12 week private coaching program, designed to transform your body and build balanced eating habits so that you can lose weight in 2021 and maintain it beyond.

Lose Body Fat

Increase Lean Muscle

Boost Your Metabolism

Get Stronger

Learn everything you need to know for results that last!

What’s Included in the Program?

Personalised Nutrition Strategy

Customised macronutrient plan and nutritional guide with a flexible approach so you can get results while eating your favorite foods (nothing is off limits!)

Custom Results-Driven Training Program

Delivered to you in app and personalised to your goals & level.

My philosophy is to train smarter, not harder. With a well designed program and a focus on technique & mind muscle connection, you only spend 3-4 days a week in the gym. About 1hr each session. This ensures we are also working with your metabolism & prioritising rest and recovery.

Weekly 1 on 1 Check Ins

This is about accountability, support and where I make things as simple for you as possible! You’ll get step by step guidance each week so you can stay focused on the most important things that drive change. Fill out a quick check in form: Let me know how your week has gone, ask questions & I’ll respond to you by email.

Fortnightly Coaching Calls

An easy way to talk through anything that is coming up for you & work on mindset with food or exercise habits.

Educational Modules

(that you’ll have access to for life)

Nutritional Education

Food Relationship/Building Habits


Intuitive Eating

Recipe/food guides, templates & more.

Client Results

Client experiences…

What ladies are saying after graduating the Permanent Progress Project Coaching Program

To Apply…

Please book a complimentary discovery call.

Due to the bespoke nature of this program, I accept clients upon application only.

It’s important to me that I can support you fully!

So I like to understand what you’re wanting to achieve and learn a little about your diet and exercise history.

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